Mexico Consumer Foodservice Market Research Report- Ken Research

Consumer foodservice in Mexico had to contend with some challenging conditions in These included the sharp devaluation of the local currency an increase in electricity tariffs and gasoline prices and growing uncertainty regarding Mexico’s economic and political vavolaw relationship with its biggest trading partner the US. Despite these challenges rates of growth in total consumer foodservice transactions and current value sales were only down slightly on while growth in total outlet numb…

Costa Rica Beer Market Research Report- Ken Research

As the rising consumer base of younger middle-income consumers continues to demand value-added drinking experiences, demand for craft beers continued to gain additional momentum in Costa Rica during 2016, dictating the pace in terms of innovation and new launches drainagenwaterproofing Good examples of such developments included by local small-scale operators such as Corcovado Cerveceria Artesanal and Os Beer Co which take inspiration from Costa Rica’s national parks and local rock bands to reach niche consumers to….

Mexico Baby Food Market Research Report- Ken Research

According to the last available national health and nutrition survey Encuesta Nacional de Saludy Nutricion ENSANUT the breastfeeding rates in Mexico are lower than those recommended by the WHO. Although the survey reports that of babies in Mexico had ever been breastfed only of the group between and months were still fed with breast milk only. It is interesting to mention that the percentage drops to in urban localities and remains higher in rural area reaching a Euro.